Best Corporate Training & Leadership Development Programs 2023

Best Corporate Training & Leadership Development Programs 2023

Ten years ago, many organisations would have probably never given a second thought to whether your training programs were impacting your bottom line results. While the training landscape might have changed in 2023, they cannot create the impact they hoped. 

It’s like either employees don’t connect with the material or they fail to apply the training to their daily job roles and responsibilities. According to a Gallup study, more than 85% of employees don’t feel engaged despite so many efforts taken by their organisations. It won’t be wrong to say that failing corporate training and leadership development results in employee turnover, reduced productivity, and innovation challenges. 

At an organisational level:

  1. Senior employees need to create an impact.
  2. New employees need to be brought up to speed. 
  3. High-potential employees and young leaders need to reach the next level.

It’s a constant cycle where organisations must ensure that they have the right people with the right competencies, roles, and responsibilities to create an impact. It won’t be wrong to say that you need to support your employees throughout their careers to remain successful and sustainable.

This is why corporate training and leadership development is one of the best investments you can make to grow your organisation. You can avoid and solve common issues if you are more thoughtful in your planning, engagement, and analysis. This will eventually drive your employees, leading to a highly engaged and productive workplace. 

In the age of AI, Machine learning, Cloud Computing, and all the digital innovations and transformation, you can use suitable training modules and methods to increase your workforce’s ability and capability. For example, according to insights shared by L&D leaders in a LinkedIn report, if you develop a custom-tailored corporate training program, you will be able to:

  1. Improve the efficiency of employees
  2. Improve the quality of results 
  3. Bring down supervision
  4. Achieve optimum performance
  5. Boost the morale of your employees
  6. Prepare your workforce for future challenging work
  7. Reduce absenteeism
  8. Build the career of your workforce using personal growth opportunities

But whenever organisations look into corporate training and leadership development programs, they tend to look at different workforce from the same lens. This is where the disengagement begins. 

Wondering why that is? Let’s find out below. 

Generational spread of interests 

At an organisational level, we often think everyone will gain from the training and masterclasses. It’s true. But will they be able to use the takeaways in their current job? It’s highly doubtful. Also, the skills anyone wants at the beginning of their career differ from those they wish to build 20 years later. 

For example, Gen Z is mostly interested in building their creativity or tech skills, while millennials and Gen Xers are primarily interested in developing their management and leadership skills. Here’s a breakdown of interests shared by the LinkedIn Workplace survey. This can be an excellent start to building a practical corporate training and leadership development program strategy. 

Generational spread of interests - The Star in me

Source: LinkedIn 

To put it simply, corporate training and leadership development is evolving and building organisational capability so that your employees work to their full potential is becoming increasingly important. Clearly, since your employees will be different, you can’t use your competitor’s similar approach to employee development. 

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Let’s understand more here!

How has corporate training and leadership development evolved?

With the changing technological landscape and business processes, especially after the pandemic, corporate training and leadership development methods have evolved to learn in the flow of work. Employees want to learn, apply the learnings, and return to work. Employees want to learn things that will improve their efficiency and help them move up the corporate ladder.

Here’s a breakdown of how corporate training and leadership development changed over the years. 

How has corporate training and leadership development evolved - the star in meKeeping this in mind, we have developed programs that will help you kickstart 2023 with result-driven programs and masterclasses. 

The Star in Me: Accelerate your employees’ careers through a structured high-growth framework

Our motto is simple: Keep your employees engaged, give them an environment to grow, and build a leadership pipeline, and your organisational success will only soar high. Before we begin decoding what’s in it for you, here’s what we believe helped us create an effective program for our clients.

If you want to make your employers indispensable and act proactively for future challenges, gaining insights into the future’s skills would help you create a program that holds value during current times and 5 years down the line. This is why we focus on the skill development that influences change. 

Insights from Industry Research - Skills of the Future

But you must think about what led us to create programs that have helped our clients improve their employee engagement and prepare them for the challenges. Discover why The Star In Me’s programs are informative, relevant, and thoughtfully put together. We have built a foundation for our program design using the following skill segments. 

Design principles - Learning across 4 key skills segments - Corporate Training & Leadership Development Programs 2023

Let’s be honest now. Your employees are unique, and so are their interests and needs. This is why we focus on providing programs exclusively designed for your organisation that align with your strategy and focus areas. Here’s what we focus on:

Customised Leadership Programs 2023

Now that you have understood the foundational elements, here are some programs that have helped our clients build healthy employee retention and training strategies. 

  • Flying Start: (1-4 years of Work Experience)

Early career professionals are cohorts of interns, new graduates, and apprentices who are a great source of talent for organisations. Since they are at the beginning of their careers, they are eager to grow their skills and prove themselves. 

Hence, you must tap into learning analytics to adapt and satisfy the hunger to learn quickly. You must discover insights that will allow you to drive better initiatives and outcomes for your early career professionals. Using this module, you can help your employees to:

  1. Develop and project self-confidence
  2. Master multi-mode communication for impact
  3. Chart a career strategy for long-term success
  4. Identify & play to your distinctive strengths
  5. Foster a growth mindset with creative thinking
  6. Establish visibility & build your brand

Here’s one program sample you can use for your early career professionals.

Customised Leadership Programs sample -1

  • Fast-Track: (5-8 Years Work Experience)

Technology is changing, and so are the roles. The evolving responsibilities result in an increasing number of mid-career professionals hitting roadblocks. Allowing mid-career professionals to upskill and take charge of their future will allow them to better fit with the company culture. Besides that, it will fast-track their careers and help them negotiate better roles and responsibilities, eventually leading to organisational success. Using this module, you can help your employees to: 

  1. Lead with confidence to drive results
  2. Create a strong personal brand in your niche
  3. Push past comfort zones to achieve growth
  4. Negotiate skillfully to influence without power
  5. Develop an innovation mindset
  6. Build their advisory board to propel professional growth

Here’s one program sample you can use for your early career professionals.

Customised Leadership Programs sample - 2

  • Learn to Lead (More than 6 Years of Work Experience)

Many organisations believe that leadership is about filling the roles of managers, leaders, and so on. It’s more about leading. And for that, your leaders must be able to connect, motivate, and inspire your teams. Leading well requires a constant need for self-development and improvement. Using this module, you can help your leaders or potential employees to: 

  1. Develop an understanding of self and strengths and how to build upon them.
  2. Discover the gaps and access to developmental opportunities
  3. Develop competencies like problem-solving, critical thinking, community building, and more)
  4. Develop skills to lead effectively 

The program would follow a method where group workshops, masterclasses, and activities will help them become a leader who inspires more than those who manages.

Customised Leadership Programs sample - 3Also Read: How To Create A Result-Driven Leadership Development Program?

  • Collaborative Platform to enhance the overall training

Corporate training has changed over the years. But the most significant change is moving away from document-based training to knowledge sharing through collaborative platforms. These are not just regular training but are designed to maximise learning and engagement so that employees can seek support from one another. 

Let’s be honest that employees are better at gaining knowledge as a group. It allows them to reframe ideas and articulate points. Here’s what we offer:

Collaborative Platform to enhance the overall corporate training

Wondering why you should choose it? Here’s why?

White-labeled Collaborative Platform for coporate training

  • Build a competitive edge through diversity consultation and training

Creating and managing a diverse workforce is a process, not a destination. Creating a DEI-integrated organisational culture begins with understanding what’s there and what can be done to improve the culture. However, your employees can’t learn just by making policies. They need training for self-awareness so that your organisational culture improves. 

Here’s how we can help you:

  • Maturity Assessment: Find out how well your organisation is doing on DEI and create an action plan to improve.
  • Strategy and Execution: Create or refine your DEI strategy, introduce KPIs, and execute Diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Diversity Sensitisation: Sensitise employees on beliefs, mindsets and biases surrounding diverse individuals.

Why us - The Star in me. How we are different in Coporate leadership Training

As technology evolves, employees need to keep themselves updated. This means you must adopt practical corporate and leadership training and development methods. After all, successful employee training will help you in several ways. Here are a few ways to build a practical corporate training and development program. 


  1. Increased engagement
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Increased retention 
  4. Improved recruiting
  5. Improved work satisfaction

In short, a better corporate culture will send out a message that “employees matter.” Wondering why you should partner with The Star in Me for your corporate and leadership training needs? 


What’s next?

We can partner with your organisation and help you shift your focus on training initiatives to make processes more equitable, diverse, and inclusive. 

Build inclusive workplaces - The Star in me

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